Intelligent thermos cup is a cup that can always display the liquid temperature in the thermos cup. The principle of the smart cup is actually very simple. It is mainly to install a temperature sensor in the cup cover, and then measure the temperature through electronic intelligent induction to sense the change of water temperature anytime and anywhere. As long as you touch the cup cover gently, you can display the temperature. After two years of development, the product and technology of intelligent thermos cup have been mature, so it will become a popular product in the 20th century. Many people have bought intelligent thermos cups, but they have not mastered the skills in the process of use. Xiaobian will introduce how to use intelligent thermos cups and what characteristics intelligent thermos cups have.
The big difference between intelligent thermos cup and ordinary thermos cup is the thermos cup cover, so the important operation in the use process is the use of the cover. The cover of intelligent thermos cup adopts touch screen electronic digital display cover, which can display the temperature as long as you gently touch the bottle cap with your hand; However, before touching the bottle cap, be sure to turn the water cup upside down for 3-5 seconds, so that the temperature displayed by the operation can be more accurate.
The big feature of the intelligent thermos cup is the intelligent digital display and touch temperature sensitive cup cover. Its existence can let us know the water temperature in the cup at all times, so that we will not scald our mouth because the water temperature is too high; Similarly, when installing cold drinks, we won’t have stomach trouble because the temperature of cold drinks is too low.

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