When we drink water and make tea at home, we will use glass. The glass is more transparent. Unlike other plastic cups and ceramic cups, it has good heat resistance and permeability. The glass is very stable in the acid-base high-temperature environment and will not release harmful substances into the cup contents. Therefore, it is a stable and safe tableware. From the characteristics of glass, it is more hygienic and safer than plastic cup, paper cup, metal and enamel cup. But sometimes the glass is destroyed and broken if it is not handled properly. Here’s how to deal with the glass so that it is not easy to break.
flower receptacle
The glass is fragile due to its own material. Here are two tips for “strengthening” the glass:
1. Put the newly bought glass in the water and heat it slowly for a few minutes. The glass taken out after waiting for the water to cool will be more explosion-proof than the new quilt. You can also disinfect the quilt by the way.
2. Put a layer of cover on the outside of the glass. If you accidentally drop the glass, the outer cover can play a good protective role. As for the glass cover, you can buy it on Taobao.
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