In addition to drinking water, the glass can also make tea. Of course, when making tea, there are some fine nodes that need special attention, which is also related to whether you can drink tea with the glass. It seems simple to make tea with a double-layer glass. In fact, we should pay attention to many details, so as to better enjoy the fun of tea tasting.
When making tea, pay attention to three details:
1. After washing the double-layer glass, first flush 85-90 ℃ boiling water into the glass, and then take the green tea and put it in. Generally, the tea will automatically sink without capping, but some will sink first and then, some will sink in a straight line, some will linger slowly, and some will sink up and down and then fall to the bottom of the glass; Dry green tea absorbs water and gradually unfolds its leaves, showing the natural color of one bud, one leaf and two leaves, single bud and single leaf. The buds are like guns and swords, and the leaves are like flags; The water vapor of soup noodles rises continuously with tea fragrance, like clouds and clouds. It’s refreshing to smell the aroma of tea soup while it’s hot.
2. When the green tea soup in the double-layer glass is cool enough to taste, you should sip it and swallow it slowly, so that the tea soup can fully contact the taste buds of the tongue and enjoy the charm of green tea. At this time, the tongue and nose can be used together to taste the aroma of green tea and tender tea from the tea soup. This is called the first opening of tea, which focuses on the taste of the first opening of tea and the aroma of green tea. When there is still one-third of the water in the green tea soup in the cup (it is not suitable to drink all of it in one opening), then add boiling water, which is called the second opening of green tea.
3. For the famous green tea with loose tea strips, the “China investment method” can be used, that is, after the appreciation of dry green tea, take green tea into the cup, pour 90 ℃ boiled water into the cup to one-third of the capacity of the double-layer glass, stop for 2 minutes, and then flush until the dry tea is full after absorbing and stretching. At this time, the tea of green tea either hovers and sinks, or moves between ups and downs. It is interesting to watch its tea shape and dynamics.

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